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For Adventures Sake

As the days grow longer, and anticipation of warmer days increases, the ski season quickly dwindles. It is what it is. Here in the high country we gauge the flow of life by the seasons. If you could imagine an even more relaxed scene in our personal pow paradise…

Towards the end of the season we get to go on a Hut Trip, supporting our  10th Mtn Division Troops

We like to get off the grid

Let the sun shine, and the good times roll

East West Destination Hospitality 

Yeah, we had a good time

Here’s a couple of tips for spring adventure success

-get your snowboard ( or skis ) waxed, this will improve your experience, I promise, also bring anti clomp for your skins, key for spring touring

-dress in layers , and check the weather

-bring extra cold beverages

-wear sunscreen, hat and sunglasses

-take some sweet pics

-have a lovely day

Wow! Serenity and Snow!