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Gore Creek Fly Fisherman now in Lionshead, offering guided trips

 Gore Creek Fly Fisherman

Legendary Waters, Legendary Adventures

Gore Creek Fly Fisherman is pleased to convenient summer locations at Lionshead Village inside Vail Sports-Vail 21, and our main shop in Vail Village. 

They offer half-day and full-day wade and float trips on world-class waters along with our FREE daily casting clinics at 10:30am.   For the latest fishing information or to book a guided trip, contact one of Vail Spa’s concierges.

You can  listen to Gore Creek Fly Fishermen every morning on KZYR or watch them weekly on TV8; you can also text the word FISHING to 75309 or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Gore Creek River Report:

Running through the Vail Valley, Gore Creek presents an intimate small stream setting for anglers to stalk everything from high mountain Brook Trout to trophy size Rainbow and Brown Trout. Gore Creek offers anglers a plethora of year-round opportunities. From mind-blowing blanket Caddis fly hatches when the fish will eat anything to the ultra-technical aspects of sight fishing nymphs without indicators using 7x Super flourocarbon tippet. Talk about a rush!

Gore Creek is almost ready for  full on Summer dry fly fishing except for the simple fact that the Spring melt has been holding levels still higher than normal. . Believe it or not, the clarity is pretty good even with the levels we are seeing right now. If you are comfortable with fishing you could stir up a few trout either on the surface with dry flies or down below with the nymph and the emerger. Fish with smaller bugs in sizes 18-24. For sub-surface flies run your set up with any smaller midge imitations behind any general attractor nymphs like Princes and Pheasant Tails. Lots of bigger stones are on the crawl so don’t be afraid of tying on a bigger lead fly in a size 14-16.The fish are holding in the calmer water along the banks and behind all big rocks in the middle of the river. They are also holding down deep where the flows are not as powerful as they are on the surface.

All rankings are based on a scale from 1-10 with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best.

Clarity: 6

Fishability: 4

Water temp: 41degrees F

CFS: 602

Colorado River Report:

The Upper Colorado below Gore Canyon meanders through the spectacular Canyon Country offering not only outstanding fishing, but also an unforgettable setting. From the early spring Blue Winged Olive hatches, to epic late spring salmonfly hatches that give way to an abundance of caddis and summer mayflies, the broad runs of this river produce some incredible fishing.  Float fishing provides the best opportunities to cover water and experience all the beauty that this mighty river has to offer!  The only thing that rivals the beauty of these canyons are the trout you will encounter on your journey down this river!

Incredible scenery and excellent fishing are available to you during the Summer months . Good activity below the surface with stone patterns such as girdle bugs and 20 inchers. The Prince and Pheasant Tail are always good options along with the stripping of the streamer. Fish are healthy and happy, but with the colder water temps, the fishing picks up mid-day. The fish are holding in the calmer water along the banks and behind all big rocks in the middle of the river. They are also holding down deep where the flows are not as powerful as they are on the surface. 90% of the activity is sub-surface so get out your nymph and emerger boxes and have at it with a double trouble set up leading with the larger nymph and trailing with the smaller emerger. Be sure to add weight with the swifter currents and use a big indicator to help you see the strike.

Clarity: 4

Water temp: 40

Fishibility: 5

CFS @ Kremmling: 8770

Eagle River Report:

The Eagle River brings together a wealth of opportunities from early-season float fishing to year-round wade fishing. From winter nymphing with sz 22 midge patterns to blizzard like caddis hatches in early summer and then the epic emergence of Green Drakes (sz 10’s & 12’s!) mid-summer, there is always a trout to chase no matter what time of year.

Possibly one of the best trout rivers in the country, the Eagle is finally ready for some fly fishing fun. The flows are still big, but the clarity is about 3 feet off the bank and that is excellent. We will continue to see levels drop and the fishing will just continue to get better and better. Caddis were all over the banks the past few nights so tie on a big dry fly followed by a smaller dry or go deep with a nymph and tie off an emerger behind that.  We cannot run float trips on the Eagle yet, but when we can it will be real good fishing. Let’s all hope that the infamous hatches that the Eagle is known for will visit us once the levels drop and the water temps rise.

Eagle clarity: 6

Eagle fishibility: 5

Eagle water temp: 42

Eagle CFS: 1830